SCUF Infinity1 Xbox One Black - Pro

  • The SCUF Infinity1 is a high-end customized gaming controller for Xbox One and PC, SCUF offers a number of functional and design features custom built to increase hand use and improve gameplay. SCUF controllers cater for professional and hardcore gamers who want to be the best!


    Included with the Pro model:

    • Xbox One Controller
    • SCUF Pro Grip
    • SCUF FPS Trigger Stops + Adjustable Hair Trigger Mechanism (adjust tension of Triggers)
    • 2 Xbox One Thumbsticks (Not SCUF Thumbsticks as pictured)
    • SCUF removal thumbstick rings 
    • 4 SCUF Infinity Paddles
    • EMR Magnet to customise paddles to any button
    • 2 AA batteries
    • A Ring Lock (to remove thumbsticks)
    • Grip Removal tool & Standard Grip replacements
  • The Pro version comes with added game-changing features:

    SCUF Pro Grip Handles with Adjustable Hair Trigger + Trigger Stop Mechanism

    The SCUF FPS Adjustable Trigger Grips offer superior trigger control on the SCUF Infinity1.

    The grips come in a variety of colours* are interchangeable for full or reduced trigger movement and are made of high-grade contoured materials.

    The Adjustable Hair Triggers are externally adjusted with the SCUF Key to modify the tension of your trigger to suit your gameplay.


    EMR - Electro Magnetic Remapping

    SCUF EMR (Electro Magnetic Remapping) technology takes your gaming flexibility to the next level. This innovative feature provides on-the-fly remapping capabilities for your SCUF paddles using a SCUF Mag Key. SCUF EMR allows you to play any game in a way that suits your play style!


    *Additional colours sold separately 

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