SCUF IMPACT PS4 Green - Deluxe

  • The SCUF IMPACT offers a completely new controller experience and includes four removable paddles that are recessed in to the back of the controller body for more ergonomic paddle play, improved cable retention and an entirely new ergonomic design: making it the most advanced SCUF controller yet. Scuf Gaming has totally re-engineered the shape and ergonomics of this controller by molding in to fit your hands perfectly for paddle play. The SCUF IMPACT is marginally larger than the Infinity4PS PRO, stretching 6mm wider to cater for the additional 2 paddles. Prepare to up your game to the next level with more flexing and less reaching - this controller is truly game changing.


    Included with the Deluxe model:

    • SCUF IMPACT Controller
    • Standard Grip
    • SCUF Quick Shift Trigger Stops + Adjustable Hair Trigger Mechanism (adjust tension of Triggers)
    • SCUF Fang Triggers for increased precision
    • Spare Standard Triggers
    • 2 SCUF Thumbsticks (Domed)
    • SCUF removal thumbstick rings 
    • 4 SCUF IMPACT Paddles
    • EMR Magnet to customise paddles to any button
    • A Ring Lock (to remove thumbsticks)
    • Grip Removal tool
  • The Pro version comes with added game-changing features:

    Adjustable Hair Trigger Mechanism


    Mechanically tune to make weapon fire a one tap process by eliminiating the unnecessary latency
    Activate with easy turn of the SCUF Key
    Primarily used in shooter games.


    Quick Shift Trigger Stops

    Quick Shift Trigger Stops enable the user to activate various activation points on the trigger stop.

    Reduction of unnecessary trigger movement past the activation point - great for shooter games!


    Trigger Covers and Trigger Extenders

    Fully removable and easily clip onto triggers

    Improve trigger accuracy and hand comfort

    Extend the natural parameters of the controller to suit larger hand sizes


    SCUF EMR (Electro Magnetic Remapping) Technology

    Use SCUF EMR Mag Key for 'on the fly' remapping of the back paddles to any face button

    Simultaneously press the face button and paddle you want to assign - job done



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