SCUF IMPACT PS4 Dark Blue - Basic

  • The SCUF IMPACT offers a completely new controller experience and includes four removable paddles that are recessed in to the back of the controller body for more ergonomic paddle play, improved cable retention and an entirely new ergonomic design: making it the most advanced SCUF controller yet. Scuf Gaming has totally re-engineered the shape and ergonomics of this controller by molding in to fit your hands perfectly for paddle play. The SCUF IMPACT is marginally larger than the Infinity4PS PRO, stretching 6mm wider to cater for the additional 2 paddles. Prepare to up your game to the next level with more flexing and less reaching - this controller is truly game changing.
  • Included with the Basic model:
    • SCUF IMPACT Controller
    • Standard Grip
    • 2 SCUF Thumbsticks (Domed)
    • SCUF removal thumbstick rings 
    • 4 SCUF IMPACT Paddles
    • A Ring Lock (to remove thumbsticks)
  • SCUF Paddle Control System

     Determining factor for elite gamers, allowing players to keep their thumbs on thumbsticks while using the back paddles to perform advanced moves.

    Increased durability in paddles, which are now removable and interchangeable.

    NEW removable paddles include a free 12 month paddle replacement policy, should the paddles break during normal use.

    New recessed paddle design makes paddles even easier to reach, indludes grip, grooves and are curved at the end to support your fingertips.

    Play with 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 removable paddles and change on the fly.


    Wired Connectivity through USB or Wireless Connectivity through Bluetooth

    Play wireless using bluetooth

    Or play wired through USB connectivity using a micro USB cable


    Interchangeable Thumbstick Control Area

    Switch thumbsticks in seconds with the SCUF ring and lock system

    SCUF thumbsticks provide an increased surface area for the thumbs to grip


    SCUF Ring and Lock System

    SCUF Infinity Rings are fully removable using the SCUF Infinity Lock (sold seperately).

    Rings are made of a high grade self-lubricating material, which provide smooth and durable directional use of thumbsticks, plus the ability to change thumbsticks on the SCUF IMPACT Controllers.


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