ASTRO A40 TR Headset. After-market MOD Kit - Halo (9161)

  • The new A40 TR headset can be adapted to any environment by adding ASTRO Mod Kits. For loud pro tournaments, you can transform the A40 TR from an open-back to a closed-back noise-cancelling headset by swapping Mod Kit components including noise-cancelling Ear Cushions, Voice isolating Mic, Closed Back Speaker Tags and a Padded Headband. All TR products are the Official Equipment of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and are used by top Call of Duty Pro teams like Optic Gaming and Team Envyus. *Please note: A40 TR Mod Kits are only compatible with A40 TR Headsets and not any other headsets. The A40 TR headset is not included in the purchase of a Mod Kit.
  • ALSO SHIPS WITH: A40 TR Noise-Cancelling Ear Cushions, 1 Voice Isolating Mic, A40 TR Padded Headband, 2 A40 TR Closed Back Speaker Tags
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