SCUF Gaming

SCUF Gaming

Bluemouth is currently not distributing SCUF Gaming products. While ordering from an Australian distributor ensures faster shipping of gaming products and local warranty, please note, SCUF controllers are not made in Australia and service centres are located oversees for repairs. For all Scuf related purchases and enquiries, please head to SCUF Gaming's official website


After market upgrades

Customers can purchase add-ons that are not included to upgrade their controller further

  • Various thumbsticks (tall / short, domed / concave)

  • Different coloured Ring Locks (The rings that secure the thumbsticks)

  • Different coloured Fang Trigger covers (Only compatible with controllers that have adjustable triggers and removeable covers)

To see aftermarket products, please visit SCUF Gaming's official website


Local Warranty

Please see our Returns Policy for Warranty information.